Founded in 2005, the Latina Women’s League is an all women non-profit organization dedicated to contributing to the Latino/Hispanic culture and art in Gainesville. The Latina Women’s League was created as a forum for the discussion of the experiences of Latina women living in the United States.

This mission is accomplished through the following activities:
• Networking
• Social activities
• Community service projects, including free English language and citizenship preparation classes
Annual Gainesville Latino Film Festival
• Mentoring and advocacy

The League includes members from business, education, government, health and mental health organizations, as well as many other walks of life.

Membership is open to those who live in the community—regardless of age, national or ethnic origin, creed, disability, gender, or sexual orientation—who wish to promote the educational, personal, and cultural advancement of Latinos within Alachua County.

The Latina Women’s League is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is not affiliated with any political party or organization. However, we are willing to participate and collaborate with different groups on issues that pertain to Latino culture.